5 reasons why Day4 DNA technology shines brighter.

Superior energy collection.

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Solar cells are at the heart of PV modules – they convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The way cells are interconnected, and the energy collected, can have a significant impact on the amount of electricity delivered. Solar modules with stay-powerful™ Technology connect cells in an innovative way that can result in superior energy collection. See how it works.

Micro-crack protection.

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Over time, PV cells can develop energy draining micro-cracks, or even break, due to the stress from daily heating and cooling. Modules with stay-powerful™ Technology are less likely to develop cracks due to their unique interconnection and continue to collect power from cells even if a break occurs. Our micro-crack resistant cell design means the energy output from modules with stay-powerful™ Technology are less sensitive to PV cell breakage than modules made from traditional technology. See how it works.

Self-cooling technology.

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Like humans, solar PV modules don’t produce as much energy when they get hot. Solar modules built with live-long™ Technology deliver one of the lowest certified operating cell temperatures in the industry. A lower operating temperature means better efficiency and more electricity. See how it works

Intelligent shade protection.

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Solar PV modules have several independent operating zones – if one zone is covered by shade or debris, the other zones may not continue to operate. Modules with Day4’s work-smart™ Technology have up to nine independent operating zones. If one is shaded, the other eight keep working making them three times less sensitive to the effects of shading from trees, buildings or snow compared to traditional modules. See how it works.

Protection from harsh environments.

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Challenging environmental conditions, such as moisture, salt-mist and harmful gasses can affect the amount of energy delivered by a solar PV module. Modules constructed with Day4′s live-long™ Technology feature a watertight back-sheet material containing aluminum foil. This barrier prevents water vapor from penetrating the module and makes it certified salt mist resistant, providing optimal protection in damp, harsh environments such as coastal areas, farms and greenhouses. See how it works.