Corporate Profile


Day4 Europe - a leader in solar energy technology.
Founded in 2001, Day4 Europe is a growing, global brand delivering innovative photovoltaic (PV) technologies for the production of solar modules in residential, commercial and utility-scale applications. Based on patented innovations, superior product quality and exceptional in-field performance, Day4 DNA technologies are extending the reach of solar energy.

Our business model is revolutionary.
We began in 2001. The first stage of our business model was to perfect our unique solar technology for contacting and interconnecting solar cells. The second was to develop and refine the manufacturing equipment and processes unique to our technology, enabling mass production and demonstrating market acceptance.

We have evolved into licensing our proprietary, proven and market accepted technologies to solar cell and module manufacturers around the globe. We provide our licensed partners with the tools and knowledge necessary to produce some of the most advanced solar PV modules available today. And with our stay-energized Technology platform, we have the unique ability to bring some of the latest, highest-efficiency PV cell designs to market.

We remain focused on our leading research and development efforts, as well as establishing a strong and widely recognized Day4 brand in support of our licensed manufacturing partners world-wide.